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  • Professional Coaching
    Professional Coaching
    At Tall Trees our systematic approach to coaching focuses on solutions and results to achieve personal and professional development, engaging clients to increase self awareness, refine existing skill sets and fill in the gaps in their existing knowledge base.
  • Organizational Transformation
    Organizational Transformation
    We help you to develop systems and achieve important shifts within your organization, which lead to lasting, measurable results. We do this with a combined toolkit of consulting, coaching, assessment tools and workshops designed to meet your specific transformation requirements.
  • Team coaching
    Team coaching
    In order for a business team to thrive, it must have a solid foundation, healthy integration of its members and a clear goal orientated focus. At Tall Trees we have the tools to inspire your teams to achieve their full potential.
  • 360° Reach Assessments
    360° Reach Assessments
    360° Reach Assessments are used during coaching to help modern organizations harness the value of their employees, to ensure effective, positive communication and set learning objectives for executive growth and development.
  • MBTI in the Workplace
    MBTI in the Workplace
    In our MBTI workshops, participants learn to recognize other types, develop understanding of differing perspectives, to value that diversity, and to communicate effectively – thus developing an environment where your teams can become productive, mature and flourish.

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Organisational Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Tall Trees Tailored Professional Coaching Packages: Our Certified Executive Leadership Coaches use a combination of surveys, assessments, coaching and training to help your leaders to become confident and self aware, enhance their existing skill sets and fill in the gaps in their existing knowledge base.
Talent Management

At Tall Trees we have built-in mechanisms to evaluate progress and modify strategic intentions and desired outcome where necessary.  Our Professional Executive Coaches meet with leaders regularly to discuss Organizational Coaching progress and define next steps in alignment with your goals.
Team Building

3 Month Program: Using tools such as Insights Discovery, 360° Reach, and team surveys, we study your teams current dynamic. Armed with this information we work closely with you to develop workshops and Team Coaching plans, which help your people better understand and communicate with each other and develop into high performing, cohesive teams.
Training Programs

Your training needs are specific to your organization and department.  Our Professional Coaches work with you to define current issues and desired learning outcomes and then design a training program tailored to suit your individual personel development requirements.

Executive Coaching

Career Advancement

You are a leader on the way to the top, but something you have not been able to define is holding you back - Sometimes there is a slight disconnect between what you think you are doing and saying and what others are experiencing, Our Executive Coaches use tools to clarify what this is and help you make the adjustment.

Your Personal Brand

People who have a personal brand stand out, Your brand highlights your skills and talents and makes what you stand for clear for all to see. We help you to define and mature your personal brand identity so that you and those you work for, can make wiser decisions about your future career direction.

Professional Development

Using assessments and Professional Coaching, we help you to move beyond self imposed or unconscious limitations and self sabotage to a place where you enjoy successful  work-life integration, and are comfortable and confidant and happy in roles best suited to your strengths, interests and skill-set.

The Manager Coach

At Tall Trees part of the process is helping you to hone your own Leadership Coaching skills, enabling you to get the best not only from your reports, but also yourself. The result of empowering others is that you free up your own time to concentrate on higher and often more rewarding activities.

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